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Our service is compatible with any device. Whether you have an android streaming box, Fire Tv stick, Fire Tv Box, tablet, phone, Kodi or Apple device like iPhone or iPad, our service will work for you. We offer service for your Windows or MAC computer too. Simply specify at checkout your preferred method to access the service. Find your preferred application below to use with your favorite android device.

Filelinked Method

Contact us for the member password for the private members only page in order to access the best method of downloading all of our best apps using our private Filelinked page. Download the apk app at:



VODs ( Video On Demand ) Service Downloads


Download the Mobile Device VOD Application directly Below:

Link: Click Here

Direct Download: 

*Note – If you are an IPTV subscriber you can add your VOD account to the Helios Tv Pro V3 App Using The login details we will send you. 



Web Browser Versions

For Helios Tv Subscribers Only: Best used with Chrome to access the service on your PC. Works great for Mac or iOS devices anywhere you have internet access. This is available as a bonus to all subscribers with an active account:

Helios Tv =

Helios Prime =

Helios Core =

Install the Windows application on your device:

Install the MAC application on your device:



Download Our Helios Tv Pro App Below

Works with Helios Tv, Helios Core, Helios Fusion and Helios Prime

Helios Tv Android APK Link: Click Here

*Set Up Instructions –

Any Name: Helios Tv

Username: usually your last name and first initial Or eMail address

Password: The password we sent to you

Portal URL: The URL we sent to you




MAG /STB Emu – Designed to work as a set top box emulator similar to MAG or Stalker: Click Here to download. You will need to provide us with the MAC address of your device then you will configure this application with the following portal address.

Portal URL: The URL we sent you

Xtreme codes API: Upon Request

Smart IPTV – This application is commonly used for smart TV’s: Click Here to download



Free Movies and Tv Show Apps

Need Movies and Tv Shows? Non Customers please Download FILELINKED at to your device and contact us. For only a $9.99 processing fee we will send you the password to our members only page to access several top apps that can be installed instantly to your device.


ARES VPN By Helios 







New Helios Tv Advanced Capability APK