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Legacy Helios Tv Access URL

The following applies ONLY to Helios Tv Service. NOT Helios Core or Helios Prime.

In an effort to continue to provide you great service we have had to change our URL. Please update your Android APK app to the following URL. by following this procedure.

Open the Helios Tv Pro App.

Select the “Twin’s” change user icon on the top right of the main screen.

Delete the current profile.

Select add new user.

Enter the following with your username and password.

Anyname= HTV

Username= xxxxxxxxx

Password= xxXxXXxx


Select add user.


If everything has been entered correctly, it will say so. Update everything and your done. If you receive any error code, double check that everything was entered properly.


That’s it! Thanks for your support.

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  2. Please check your email for your login details. Thank you for your order.

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