How do I install the Helios Tv App on my Firestick?


The first thing that needs to be done is to allow third party applications to be installed onto the Firestick. To do this you have to go to the device settings. From the main screen, scroll up and/0r over to settings. Open settings and scroll right to My Fire Tv. Click My Fire Tv, Then down to Developer Options. Click on Developer Options. Click down to Apps From Unknown Sources. Click on.

Now that you are able to download any third party application, the next step is to download the Downloader app by Troypoint. The Logo is orange with the word Downloader and  large white arrow pointing down with an underscore under it. From the home screen of the device. Use the voice feature on the remote by pressing and holding the microphone button and saying the word “Downloader”. Once you say the word, release the button.

There should appear on your screen the app that you have just searched for. Select the downloader app and then select download. This should begin the installation process. The next screen you will click install on the lower right of the screen. Once the app is installed, you will launch the app by clicking open. Once the app opens, the main screen will be a space asking for a URL.

In this space you will enter the following after http:// filelinked.com to type this in you will click the center ok button on your remote. This action will bring you to the filelinked website. On this page you will scroll down slightly with the red circular cursor and click on the green button that says download filelinked. within a few seconds, the download should begin. On the next screen you will click install as you did earlier. The following screen you will click open.

Now that the installation of filelinked is complete you are now ready to install the various applications I have available for you to make your firestick a true money saving entertainment device. Once you launch filelinked their will be a space asking for a code. You will enter my private code: 52435322 then press continue.

The following screen will be my private downloads area. There will be a pop up welcoming you to my filelinked page, press dismiss. The second popup will be asking if you would like to subscribe to the filelinked newsletter, lets dismiss that for now. You can always come back later and subscribe.

The second app in the list is the Helios Tv Advanced Capability APP. This is the app you want to download first. You will click on the green down arrow on the right hand side. This will begin the download process and a progress bar will appear. The arrow will become a sort of play button. Once you see this play button, you will click that. The next screen will ask to install. Once the app is installed you will click open.

Once the app opens, This screen will be asking you for login credentials. At this point you will contact me to obtain these credentials. Your username will be your email address and the password will be computer generated.

If you encounter any problems, or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

I get buffering, Is there anything I can do?


V2 App with the night scene: Buffering can be caused by many different factors. Most of which we have no control over. Some of the top reasons are your Internet speed or the device your using.

First, your internet speed should be above 25 mbs. Be sure your achieving this speed on a wireless connection. If possible you can try going with a wired connection from your router to your device.


Secondly, try rebooting everything after you’ve installed our application. Performing this task resolves the issue most of the time.


Third, enter the settings of the Helios Tv app by selecting main menu, then scroll over to the gear icon. Select it. Then scroll down to the Playback option. Select it. The first option is Decoder. Select this option and change the decoder to one of the other options and reboot your device. Launch the app and try a channel at random. If this new setting was not successful, select the last decoder option and again reboot your device, relaunch the app and select a random Channel.

If the above steps were not successful, perhaps try installing our Kodi add-on. Our Kodi add-on uses the Kodi media player settings and has been found to play best on lower end devices and at lower internet speeds. For instructions on installing the Kodi add-on please visit the downloads page of this website.

V3 App with the sunrise scene: From the main screen, go to the gear icon on the upper right. Click the gear icon and select stream format. Select the alternate stream format to see if that helps. Another method is to change the player. Do this by long pressing the OK button on your remote and select an alternate player if you have one installed.

If the above methods still dont offer you a good solution then try and unplug your router for 15 minutes then plug it back in. This should allow it to clear its cache and refresh your signal. Ultimately most buffering issues are the result of an issue with your ISP. Perhaps increasing the speed will give you the experience that most of our customers have.

It’s a good idea to know what internet speeds your paying for and what your actually getting. A simple Speed Test by Google will tell you how you measure up.

Is there a way I don’t have to scroll through all the categories?


If you launch Helios Tv you will press the menu button and this will launch a box that says main menu. Select it.

Then a icon bar will appear. Scroll right and click on the last icon that looks like a gear. Select it.

Then you will see a list of options. Scroll down to GUI. Select it.

Scroll to the bottom to the last option that reads Show Channel Groups As Folders. Check the box.

That’s it. exit out and force close the app. When you relaunch the app you will be able to scroll right like normal, but when you scroll left you will see the folders to find your category much faster.

Is there a way to change the look of the guide?


This applies to the V2 App With The Night Scene: Launch the menu box and you will see a list.

The top option is main menu.

Scroll down to View, and select it. This will change the view through various options until you keep selecting until it shows Details. This will provide the best view of the guide.

For the V3 App with the sunrise background: From the main screen of the app click on either live Tv or the EPG button. If it does not automatically prompt you to update the guide, click up and to the right hand corner of the screen. Click on the 3 vertical dots and a drop down box will appear. scroll down to refresh guide, confirm yes and the app will begin to retrieve the guide data from our server.

Is there a way to PIN protect certain channels?


V2 App With The Night Scene: Launch the menu box and select main menu. This will be the menu bar that appears near the top of your screen.


You will see a gear icon on the far right. Select it.

Scroll down to the GUI option. Select it. This is where you can change the color style, and change the categories into group folders. But PIN code is what your after. Select it. Enter your desired code and save it by pressing ok.

Back out to the channels and select a channel you want to protect. Select your menu button and scroll down to select LOCK CHANNEL. This channel is now protected by your pin.

V3 App With The Sunrise Scene: On the main screen click up to the gear icon. Then select Parental Control. You will choose a password then select the categories that you want to enable the parental control for.


Is there an alternate method of downloading the Helios Tv App?

Yes, You can visit the downloads page of this website if your already using a browser. Find the version or App you want to download and click on the direct download link.

Also, you can use our members only filelinked method. Contact us with your username and we will reply back with the password to the members area. This will give you access to a whole directory of apps that will work well on your device. All we ask is that you do not share the password with non members.

What causes buffering and what can I do about it?

There are a lot of misconceptions in the streaming world about what buffering is, what causes it, why it happens and how to help avoid it. So we wanted to write an article addressing some of the causes of buffering and how to help minimize it, Please note that I did not say eliminate it as this is impossible.

But before we get into the buffering discussion I want to explain a little bit of how streaming actually works and explain what is happening behind the scenes when you click on something to stream.

So let’s go through what happens when you click on a link. When you click on a link in any program a script (Computer Code) connects your internet connection to the URL address of where that stream is housed. It can take a second or two for your internet and this URL address to be paired up and for data to begin to flow into your device. In most cases it takes a few seconds for the full amount of data the server you are connected to, to begin being transferred to your internet connection. This is why many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu will start off a video in low quality. Then once the full flow of data has begun they will switch to a higher resolution. This is done so that the stream will start faster and as you receive more data it will switch to high quality.

What causes buffering while streaming?

I have read some very interesting theories and ideas on as to why buffering happens. From people thinking that the graphics card can’t handle the stream, the processor is working too hard. As complicated as people want to make buffering issues out to be, it is actually very simple. There are really only two variables that can cause buffering while streaming.

Your Internet Speed and your Router

The first and usually most overlooked reason that buffering occurs is your own internet speed. Many users try to skimp out on upgrading their internet speed. If you are going to stream your video content you need fast internet. While you can get away with 10 Mbps down for most streams, this is really the absolute minimum speed needed for a good streaming experience. When you take into account speed lost through Wi-Fi (Usually much more than you think,) other devices in your house using bandwidth and fluctuations in the internet speed you are actually getting from your provider you can see how 10 Mbps can turn to 5 or below very quickly.

What is the recommend internet speed for streaming? This is a personal preference but we recommend for an optimal streaming experience you should have 25 Mbps or higher.

There are also several other factors that can affect your own internet speeds. The most common negative factor is Wifi. Wifi is extremely convenient for connecting lots of devices to the internet without having to connect them with a wire. With this convenience comes a downside. Wifi signal fluctuates up and down very often which can lead to buffering.

I cannot stress enough how quickly Wifi signal and speeds degrade over distance and through obstacles like walls. People are under the impression that if they are getting a wifi signal to a device that the device is getting the same amount of bandwidth as they pay for.

I have 200 Mbps down at my house and about 15 feet from my router through one glass door I get about 30 Mbps down to my Google Pixel XL. This goes to show how much wifi can degrade over distance and obstacles.

Another huge factor with your internet speed is who else is using it and what are they doing. If you have 10 Mbps down and a family member is downloading a bunch of stuff and another family member is playing an online game then there is a strong chance your video content is going to buffer.

Another great tip to help increase your speed is to reset your router once a week. Your internet provider spent time and money finding a router that they can give you that works just enough to provide a decent signal. They skimped and penny pinched as much as they could to save themselves money. So your stock router is not of the highest quality. With that being said, over time these routers degrade in the speed they are able to broadcast. By simply unplugging the router for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in we have seen many customers internet speed double. If you haven’t reset your router in a long time or forever it is a great idea to do this.

So to summarize your internet speed and how it effects buffering while streaming.

  • Minimum of 10 Mbps Down, while the preferred speed is around 25 Mbps Down.
  • Connecting your unit to the internet via an Ethernet cable is ideal
  • If you must use Wifi, make sure the unit is very close to the router (15 feet or under is ideal)
  • Make sure you have reset your router recently.
  • Keep in mind what others in your household are doing on the internet. If they are doing anything bandwidth intensive it can affect your streaming.

So let’s get into the second source of buffering while streaming. The second half of all of your video streams is the stream sources ability to give you data. You can have 1,000 Mbps down and be hardwired via Ethernet, but if the stream source cannot give you enough data you will get buffering. This a fact that most people do not understand. Take as an example, you are browsing the internet on a fast PC with good internet connection. You click on a website link and the site is very slow to load, you click on another link within the same site and it also loads very slowly. In this scenario your computer is working fine, your internet speed is fast, so why is the website loading slowly? Your computer? Internet connection? Graphics card? Operating system? It is none of these. What is causing the website to load slowly is the server it is using to deliver data for users to view its website. This server is having at least one of many possible issues. It could be overloaded with users, It could have its main internet connection lost and is using a backup internet connection, It could have had a physical hardware failure, one of the many servers it needs to pass through to get to your internet connection is down. These are just a few of the issues a server may encounter that will cause it not to be able to give out enough data to load a website or video stream.

Video content files are stored on servers. These servers have a limit in how much data they can transmit out to people. When these servers reach a level of users they get overloaded and are not able to give out as much data as may be needed for an end user to stream a file with no buffering.

Servers are not cheap to buy, rent or operate. Streams come from all over the world. Some are from multibillion dollar companies with massive data centers, some are from smaller operations and some come from free public servers that limit amounts of data and speeds. The long story short is that sometimes servers get overloaded, fail or go down.

So let’s sum up some of the misconceptions about buffering in while streaming.

  • Buffering has nothing to do with your units Processor speed, Graphics processing power or RAM
  • Buffering has nothing to do with your hardware

What causes buffering?

  • Slow internet speeds on the users end
  • Wifi signal being weak and or degraded by distance or having to go through walls or other obstacles
  • Other users on your internet network hogging bandwidth
  • The stream sources server being overloaded with too many users
  • The stream sources server having internet issues
  • Your internet provider having fluctuations in their internet service

How to minimize buffering while streaming

  • Have at least 10 Mbps actually getting to the unit. 25 Mbps is preferred
  • Hardwire your unit directly to the internet via an Ethernet cable
  • Reset your router once a week
  • Pause a stream for a minute or two to allow it to build up some data

While most of the streams that you click on will work with no problems at all, you are going to encounter streams that just can’t give you enough data for whatever reason. You can have 1,000 Mbps and be hardwired and you will still have links that won’t stream without buffering. It has nothing to do with your hardware or the program you are using. It is just because the server can’t give you enough data.

If you encounter a stream that isn’t playing smoothly, stop the stream and choose another one. It is that simple.

I wish we could tell you that every link will work and every stream will play flawlessly with zero buffering, but we cannot.

So follow all of the steps to help minimize buffering while streaming and you will have a much better experience.

Will I lose Time If I Pay My Bill Early?

Absolutely not. You can pay to extend your service at any time during your current service period without losing any time already paid for. For example, If you have 5 days left in your current service period and you choose to renew for another 30. You will then have a balance of 35 days. For the best “monthly” rate, it is best to purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month plan to cut back on having to remember to log in every month to extend your service.